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Sandalwood oil: Health and Skin Benefits

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 All we need to maintain a healthy, youthful glow as time goes along. With that in mind, we introduce you to sandalwood essential oil, the anti-aging skin healing secret that’ll only cost a little budget.

Known for its sweet, earthy smell, sandalwood oil has been used historically in Indian and other Eastern cultures as a natural remedy for many ailments (the common cold, urinary tract infections, digestive problems, mental disorders, muscle problems…)

this oil is extracted from the sandalwood tree which grows natively in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Australia, Indonesia, Hawaii, and other Pacific Islands.

Sandalwood oil for skin

This oil is especially high in antioxidants, which help to fight the free radicals that cause age-related skin damage. It’s also used to reduce the appearance of dark circles and other dark spots appearing on the skin. As an antiseptic and astringent, it also helps to clean the pores and reduce inflammation from mild skin irritations.

this oil helps with skin conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis. In fact, many skincare products contain sandalwood oil as a key, age-fighting ingredient!

sandalwood oil for Anxiety

Aromatherapy massage with this oil may help reduce anxiety.

Wound healing

Researchers found that skin cells contain olfactory receptors for sandalwood. When they activated those receptors, it appeared to promote skin cell growth.

How can sandalwood be used at home?

There are many ways to use this oil at home.

To get all the benefits of sandalwood essential oil. It’s simple, all you have to do is add about five drops to your regular face oil or moisturizer, or you can :

  • put a few drops in your lotion
  • heat it in a small kettle of water to scent your home
  • evaporate it using an essential oil infuser
  • add it to your bathwater

Important to note:

always dilute sandalwood essential oil in a carrier oil or lotion before applying directly to the skin. It’s extremely concentrated and can be irritating when used alone.

And as always try a test patch on your skin to make sure that there are no adverse reactions.

Some people have allergic reactions to essential oils. These reactions are rare. They most often occur when people apply essential oils directly to their skin.

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